ugh already behind on my studies (lol I’ve only had like 4 days of class) because I’ve just started work and I’ve yet to get the hang of my routine

boo :(

but I won a 16gb ipod nano tonight so there’s that

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just finished dinner with a good friend I hadn’t seen in a while. it was less awkward than I expected it to be and I’m glad it went well. I think we’ll keep in better touch (at least I hope) after tonight. 

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possible phone interview today???

like my first one ever????

and I’m nervous af (esp bc i sound like a 5 yr old on the phone oh my god)

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I just had a guy follow me into my gated apartment complex after trying really hard to get my attention. Like it’s kind of late at night, and it’s really dark and he just wanted to say hi? So he followed me, leaving his friend on the street in the dark, into a gated complex he didn’t even think he ‘d be able to leave???? And then he wanted to make small talk and figure out where I live (as if he didn’t just follow me home) and why I was out so late? Dude, I’m coming home, like why is this any of your business? Why would you follow me home when I clearly do not appreciate any of your advances? I tried being polite and I answered whatever questions he had but ugh so nhft.

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In the words of my youngest brother, “Accidents be happen to everybody!”

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  • back from palm springs (my family and I were there for like 12 hours. shortest trip ever.)  
  • still babysitting my baby brother
  • in desperate need of a new computer (my old one was run over by a car and I never wish to retell that story ever because it’s just sad, embarrassing, and plain pathetic) (Today, I’ve just started using my brother’s old laptop from when he was still learning how to use computers and the magic of the internet so he downloaded so many unnecessary things that have wrecked his comp.)
  • this is one of the first summers in a while where I have not been attached to a computer, living on the internet and wow weird

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We’ve convinced our 3 year old brother he’s a Pikachu and now he only speaks in pikas or pikachus and oh god what have we done

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I got back from SD last night

and the trip highlights:

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Spent my day babysitting my youngest brother
Spent my night cutting and peeling fruit for smoothies that are going to be made at the carnival this weekend

Driving to Irvine & San Diego tomoz
Actually spending my weekend in SD

Glad to be going, but extremely bummed I’m missing out on so much this weekend (different friends’ parties/get togethers, a concert, the carnival (like volunteering there) etc.) 

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eye exam tomoz

should be very exciting

I need new glasses

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Tonight’s my last night of my first year of college, and wow, that went by really fast. I think that I’ve changed a bit (maybe a lot) and learned stuff too. 

So, non-serious highlights, things I’ve learned, etc.:

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I’ve reached the point in my Starbucks visit where it’s no longer about how productive I can be, but an actual matter of pride and “I bet I can study and sit in this same spot for a longer period of time than you”

it’s like a competition between me and everyone in the shop except no one is in on it but me

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Bff Hah and I went to Darren Criss’ concert in Anaheim (bc school sux and my schedule did not allow me to come home thurs to stay in la) and my favorite part of it was hanging out with my bff and realizing I was in the same room as mia swier l o l because I missed her bunches and I love her lots. 

I love going to things with her because she’s my partner in crime, platonic soul mate, etc. and even if the actual experience isn’t like a+ best, it was always time well spent in each other’s company. 

also we’re both really cute together and well there’s that

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I used to hate the smell of cigarette smoke. 

I’m asthmatic, so the smell of smoke always made me feel sick, like I couldn’t breathe. But recently (or maybe not so recently, depending), I’ve developed positive associations with the smell of smoke. It’s become a sort of comfort to me, because it reminds me of certain people who I love and care for. I think it’s nice.

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  • Almost 2/3 of the way finished with my film pape
  • I’m studying for my Roman Civ quiz afterward
  • When I’ve taken my quiz, and turned in my paper, I’m going to work on my group project for comm
  • After attending comm section, I’ll go to my room and finally sleep

I need today to be over now plz

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