All of the Lights
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
All of The Lights | Kanye West (ft. Rihanna, John Legend, The-Dream, Elly Jackson, Alicia Keys, Fergie, Kid Cudi, Elton John)
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– Beats N’ Stuff #1: rad remixes →

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BALLET: TO DANCEa playlist of personal favourites from ballets, with a huge (unintentional) emphasis on russian composers (LISTEN)

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Only Wanna Dance With You
Ke$ha - Warrior (Deluxe Version)


You got to me,
You saw through me,
You’re in for it now.

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Boss Ass Bitch (Feat. PTAF)
Nicki Minaj - Boss Ass Bitch - Freestyle


Nicki Minaj - Boss Ass Bitch

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Falling Slowly
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - The Swell Season
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***Flawless (Remix)
Beyoncé featuring Nicki Minaj


Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj - ***Flawless (Remix)

Never one to let music bloggers sleep, Queen Bey is back with another surprise late-night release. This time: A remix to the anthemic ***Flawless, sans Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, with a whole lot of Nicki Minaj added for good measure. The most interesting line comes when Bey addresses the now-infamous scuffle between her husband and sister:

We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators.
Of course sometimes shit go down
when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator. 

Less a feminist manifesto, and more a three and a half minute tutorial on how to deify yourself through music, Nicki and Yoncé waste no time reminding you who runs this shit, brushing off the scandals and gossip while getting back to the motherfuckin’ protocol: winning. 

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Syrup & Honey
Duffy - Rockferry
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Dreaming of You
Selena - Dreaming of You


I feel like no matter what nationality you are or what language you speak, there are just some songs that are completely universal. Selena’s Dreaming of You is one of those songs. Excuse me while I turn into a puddle of goo.

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They asked him to change words in his song for the radio and that’s his answer

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Put Your Records On
Corrine Bailey Rae - Corrine Bailey Rae


**rides bike throughout neighborhood with flowers in the basket of my bike**

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Party In The USA
Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA - Single
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One Fine Day
Rashidra Scott, Ashley Blanchet, Alysha Deslorieux, Carly Hughes & Jessie Mueller - Beautiful - The Carole King Musical

One Fine Day | Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

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I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You
Kate Nash - Made of Bricks


i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you // kate nash

you are the girl that i’ve been dreaming of
ever since i was a little girl

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